Computational Conceptual Blending

Student project in winter semester 2014

Instructors: Dr. Mihai Codescu
Dr. Fabian Neuhaus
MSc. Madhura Thosar
Language: English
Weekly timeplan: 2 + 0 + 0
Location: room G29-018
Intended audience: Master Computervisualistik, Master DKE, Master Informatik


In this student team project we will develop a tool that enables the blending of two conceptual spaces. For the purpose of the course we will focus on animals as input spaces, the task of the tool is to create interesting monsters (e.g., Chimera, Minotaurs, etc.). Since there are myriad of possible ways to blend two input spaces, a main focus of the course will be to develop techniques for the evaluation of blended concepts.

The course will use Hets (the Heterogenous Tool Set), tool developed at the OvGU. The input spaces will be represented as OWL ontologies. For the concept evaluation step we are planning to reuse methods that have been developed within ontology engineering.


Software: The Heterogeneous Tool Set (HETS) is freely available here.

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