Cognition and Concept Invention

Student project in the winter semester 2014/15

Instructors: Oliver Kutz, PhD
Maria Hedblom, M.Sc.
Dr. Mihai Codescu
Dr. Fabian Neuhaus
Language: English
Weekly timeplan: Wednesdays, between 13-16
Location: room G29-018
Intended audience: Master Computervisualistik, Master DKE, Master Informatik


In this student team project we will work on the problem of formalising image schemas, a basic notion from cognitive science with particular importance in computational conceptual blending.

For the modelling part we will use the Web Ontology Language OWL, first-order logic, and specialised formalisms for spatial and topological information.

As software tools we will use Hets (the Heterogenous Tool Set), as well as the repository platform to collect our work. Both tools are under active development at the OvGU.

We will use the following software tools:
The Heterogeneous Tool Set (HETS) is freely available here.
The repository platform can be found here.
Our internal wiki is accessible here.

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