Tools and Techniques for Ontologies

Lecture in winter semester 2014

Instructors: Dr. Mihai Codescu
Dr. Oliver Kutz
Language: English
Weekly timeplan: 2 + 2 + 0
Intended audience: Master INF, CV, DKE, IngINF, DigEng


The exam is on 27th of February, 2015, 14h. A sample exam is here.


This lecture is a follow-up of the Introduction to Applied Ontology class from last semester. We will set the foundations by discussing in detail logical languages for ontologies from the family of description logics, and first-order logic. In the second part of the lecture we will present tools for different reasoning tasks for ontologies, among which theorem proving, consistency checking, ontology matching and module extraction.


There is no textbook available for this lecture. We will post links to materials after each class.

This paper discusses the definition of ontologies (read only the informal, non-mathematical part).

Here and here (large archive) there is material about first-order logic. Here are the slides from the lecture.

Here are the list of exercises for the homework and the list of instructions for working with the software.

Here you find material about description logic. Formalization task, in HETS. Here is the reference for OWL Manchester Syntax.

Here you find material about ontology debugging using axiom pinpointing and modularity.

Here you find material about module extraction.

Here you find material about ontology matching (without the amalgamation slides).


We will systematically make use of tools during this lecture. Links to them will be posted here.

Install Protégé, an ontology editor.

Make an account on Ontohub, a semantic repository for ontologies.

Use HETS for theorem proving.

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