Category Theory for Computer Scientists

Winter Semester 2015/2016

Lehrbeauftragter/Instructor: Prof. Dr. Till Mossakowski
Sprache/Language: English
Wochenstunden / Weekly: 2h Vorlesung/Lectures
Stundenplan / Schedule: Dienstag/Tuesday, 13:15–14:45 Uhr, G29-036
Credit Points: 3
Zuhörerkreis / Intended Audience: Master CV, DKE, INF
Voraussetzungen/Prerequisites: Gute mathematische Kenntnisse / Good mathematical skills
Prüfung bzw. Scheinerwerb / Exams: mündlich/oral, 20–30 min


Category theory originated in mathematics, but is now more and more used in computer science. Category theory can be understood as the study of abstract structures and their relationships. It provides a uniform description and analysis of very diverse mathematical domains, and can also be used to link different domains. Many important constructions in mathematics and theoretical computer science can be understood and studied as universal constructions in the sense of category theory.
The course will introduce into the basic concepts of category theory and illustrate these with examples from theoretical computer science (such as finite automata, logical theories, relational structures, Prolog) as well as from mathematics (groups, vector spaces, metric spaces).


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