Faculty of Computer Science

Research Group Theoretical Computer Science

Oberseminar: Heterogene formale Methoden

Date: 2015, April 15
Time: 11:00
Author: Neuhaus, Fabian
Title: SCenario-based ONtology Evaluation (Scone)


Ontologies are use to represent knowledge in many industries, including medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and financial. Nevertheless, developing an ontology is still regarded as something like a “black art”. Experts in the field disagree widely on quality criteria, and there are no widely established development methodologies. This is partially caused by the lack of metrics that can be applied to measure quality and progress during ontology development. There exists a significant body of literature on the subjects, but most of the proposed metrics are of little value for the ontologies developers and, thus, are not used in practice. Further, there is currently a lack of tool support.

We suggest to apply best practices from behavior-driven development (BDD) in software engineering to ontology development. The goal is to enable ontology developers to record their requirements in a way that In collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) we implemented Scone, a tool that supports scenario-driven development for ontology engineers. In the presentation we will discuss the methodology behind Scone, demonstrate the tool with a small example, and shortly discuss its implementation.

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