Faculty of Computer Science

Research Group Theoretical Computer Science

Oberseminar: Heterogene formale Methoden

Date: 2020, January 14
Time: 11:00
Author: Rautenstengel, Tamara
Title: Scenario-Based Ontology Evaluation – Usability Enhancement through Language Extensions and Grammar Adaptations


SCONE is a methodology that uses scenarios to describe the expected behaviour of an ontology to support the development process (Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)). It is also a grammar to write the scenarios and a tool to evaluate ontologies using them. The main goal is to help ontology laymen dealing with ontologies and to improve the collaboration between domain- and ontology experts. The big challenge in establishing new applications is to convince users of their benefits therefore the entry barrier for laymen should be as small as possible.

The main goal of this talk is to present the thesis proposal of a planned master thesis. It starts with a presentation of the problems that occur when using the current version of SCONE. Afterwards, possibilities for usability improvements are presented and hypotheses for the evaluation of the improvements are formulated. Therefor the selected methods, language extensions and grammar adaptations are briefly outlined. Then the phases of the planned evaluation and the required test persons are presented. Finally, a short overview of the influence of the planned extensions on the entire SCONE project is given.

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