Faculty of Computer Science

Research Group Theoretical Computer Science

Oberseminar: Heterogene formale Methoden

Date: 2019, November 12
Time: 11:00
Author: Siebert, Sophie
Title: Commonsense Reasoning using Theorem Proving and Machine Learning


Commonsense reasoning is a difficult task for a computer to handle. Current algorithms score around 80% on benchmarks. Usually these approaches use machine learning which lacks explainability, however. Therefore, we propose a combination with automated theorem proving. Automated theorem proving allows us to derive new knowledge in an explainable way, but suffers from the inevitable incompleteness of existing background knowledge. We alleviate this problem by using machine learning. We present our approach which uses an automatic theorem prover, large existing ontologies with background knowledge, and machine learning. We present first experimental results and identify an insufficient amount of training data and lack of background knowledge as causes for our system not to stand out much from the baseline.

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